NSW Schools Team

The NSW Schools Team, known as "The Carbines"  is selected annually to represent NSW at the Australian Schools Orienteering Championships. 

In 2010 the Australian All Schools Individual Championships will be held on Tuesday 28 September at Vixen Gully (Mount Crawford Forest) which is near Kersbrook in South Australia.  The terrain will comprise a mixture of pine plantation and native forest with subtle to steep contours. The Australian All Schools Relay Championships will be conducted the following day at Rocky Paddock (Mount Crawford Forest) near Williamstown in fast runnable terrain comprising pine plantation and farmland with rock detail. 

The NSW team is expected to stay together as a group for the entire Australian Championships Carnival period from 25 September to 3 October and participate in all Australian and South Australian championship events over the Carnival period.

Karen and Russell Blatchford are current managers for the NSW Schools Team.   Both Karen and Russell have managed the team with great success for a number of years.

The team will comprise four runners in each of W15, W16+, M15 and M16+ (note that these are not the usual orienteering age classes).

To be considered for selection in the NSW School Team 2010 juniors need to:

1. Compete in

a) the Australian 3 Days (in ACT)(see www.aus3days2010.orienteering.asn.au to enter);

b) NSW State Leagues 4 and 5 (in the Southern Highlands)(watch  the OANSW website for entry details); and

c) NSW State Leagues 6, 7 and 8 (also known as QBIII)(at Dubbo)(watch the OANSW website for entry details).

All competitors should enter in their correct age class (this will of course not be the same as the schools class).

2. Compete in as many other orienteering events as they can including other State League events.

3. Attend and participate in NSW Junior Orienteering Squad camps (if a member).

4. Maintain a reasonable level of fitness (eg Squad members are expected to exceed 80 percentile for their age in the beep test and most achieve in excess of 90).

It is essential that interested juniors advise the NSW Junior Squad Managers (Russell and Karen Blatchford) at


of their interest in being a member of the team before Easter 2010 in order to be considered for selection.

Please note: If interested juniors cannot make all selection races, please contact Russell and Karen to discuss the situation.

Update: The selectors (Hilary Woo, Robyn Pallas and Geoff Todkill have announced the 2010 NSW Schools Team (known as the Carbines) following the final selection race at QBIII.  The team was selected after a series of 8 races over the past few months.  The team is:

Senior Boys - Kasimir Gregory, Robert Bennett, Huon Wilson, Matthew Hill, Tom Carter (reserve), Angus Roberts (reserve).

Senior Girls - Michele Dawson, Bridget Bennett, Alinta Merrotsy, Sally-Anne Henderson, Felicity Barker-Smith (reserve).

Junior Boys - Aidan Dawson, Scott Charlton, Daniel Hill, Toby Wilson, Lawrence Jones (reserve).

Junior Girls - Nicola Blatchford, Rhiana Roberts.