E-cardSportIdent is an electronic timing system used at orienteering events. The SportIdent system consists of two main parts: the SI-card (known as the "e-card" or "e-stick") and the SI-station. The e-card is a plastic stick embedded with a microchip which each competitor wears attached to their finger. The SI-stations are electronic boxes mounted at the Start, at each control and the Finish.

Competitors punch at each control and at the Start and Finish by inserting their e-card in the SI-station. A beep and flashing light on the SI-station indicate that your punch has been registered. Your time is recorded at each control and a printout giving your overall time and "splits" may be obtained at the finish, making it easy to identify controls where you lost time and compare your results with others on your course.

Sportident is used for all State League events in NSW and occasionally at other events.

You do not have to own a Sportident e-card to compete. They are available for hire (normally for $2) at events where they are required. E-cards may also be purchased from Colin Price at

For Event Organisers, Planners and Controllers

The latest OANSW SportIdent Manuals may be downloaded from the Uringa website.

Sport Software is the software used with the SportIdent equipment. It includes (amongst others) the following components:

SI Manager: used to program the SI stations before and event.  This part of the software is free and can be downloaded here.

OE2010: software for individual one-day and multi-day events.

OS2003: software for one-day relay events.

OEScore 10.3: software for Score format events.

MTPoints: utility software for calculating competitors points at multi-day events.

Layout Manager: used for result label formatting.

Demo versions of all components of the software can be obtained here.

All NSW clubs have purchased Sport Software - contact your club to obtain the license details.

The Orienteering Australia Technical pages include some sample Sport Software files, lists of Australian club abbreviations and classes, and other useful information.